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In two words: Irresistible force.


That’s how friends describe Lisa M. Harper – a motivator, encourager, and worker whose zest for living is nothing short of contagious. Motivating others to achieve their “unattainable” dreams, while empathizing with their struggles, Harper offers her friends a unique blend of reflection, compassion and inspiration. Although Harper has rarely met a challenge she couldn’t overcome, her life experiences include setbacks, heartaches, and losses women and men can identify with. However, as Harper has discovered and now shares, that although circumstances do play a role, many times a person’s greatest challenge and obstacle in life is really just himself or herself. Sometimes people lack the confidence to even take a step…much less an entirely new (running) route in life. Harper’s candid insights and positive faith inspire others to experience the electricity of life while fulfilling their God-given destiny.

Lisa M. Harper earned her Masters of Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University and resides in the Clare, Michigan area. As an active pastor’s wife, mother of four, educator, speaker, musician, runner, Marathon Mission founder and author, Lisa is Living and Loving – The Marathon of Life.


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