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Christmas Training Tips

Running Tips for the Christmas Season and Beyond! : )

I have two tips for runners this Christmas season — my gift to you. : )

First off, we’re going to talk about something a lot of people don’t really think about. Having a pair of training shoes and a pair of racing shoes. The training shoes, in my opinion, should provide good cushioning and a very comfortable ride; the racing shoes, typically from the same manufacturer, typically offer the same features, BUT are not as durable. Their construction is lighter.

For example, I train in Asics Kayanos — a very well padded/cushioned shoe that really has proven to be a reliable shoe for me. However, compared to what I race in, Asics DS Trainers (which are actually a bit heavier than a true racing shoe), I truly feel a difference over the course of a race. Follow me on this. Let’s say you have a pair of shoes that are 13 oz each that you train in. Now, what if you took the time to find a pair of shoes that fit well and felt good that were 9 oz each that you used to race in (of course, you would break them in first with some miles to make sure they were race ready).

ANYWAY, think about it…EVERY STEP you’re lifting 4 oz. less!! Doesn’t sound like much, but even over the course of 5K, that’s what, 2,000 (give or take) steps . . . or 500 pounds that you did NOT lift!! You will notice the difference, but it’s important to find the right shoe so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. For me, the DS Trainer is built a lot like the Kayano, only it has less weight (and I would destroy them in a month of steady training). But as I use them for racing only, they last longer, yet provide me with a much lighter shoe. : )

However, please don’t assume the Kayano and the DS Trainer are what you should be running/racing in. My feet are likely VERY different than yours. Find what works for you, and once you do find a lighter racing shoe, you will notice the difference when you’re racing.

Okay, my second gift. It’s just a simple trick to keep from overeating at parties and meals . . . because we all know, it’s difficult to NOT overeat with all the tempting treats and parties. So, here’s the idea. Pre-determine how much you’re going to eat, allowing yourself SOME treats, but once you hit that, excuse yourself to the restroom, rinse your mouth out with water several times, then pop a piece of gum in your mouth. The rinsing gets the food/taste residue out of your mouth and the gum keeps your mouth from getting bored, not to mention it’s a pain to try to eat a dessert with gum in your mouth. I would recommend a mint-flavored gum rather than a sweet one.

The key here is to understand that people tend to overeat at parties because they finish their meal then start browsing — a little more of this here and a taste of some extra dessert there and how many calories could that cookie really have (can you say 150)? But with that simple piece of gum in your mouth, you really give yourself an extra measure of “resistance” to temptation. Like I said, your mouth is already actively engaged in chewing, you have a fresh “taste” in your mouth from the gum, and eating anything after having gum in your mouth isn’t easy (you have to think about it, so no mindless eating : )

Well, those are my tips for today — I hope they prove helpful to you!

May you and yours have the opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy joyous times with friends and family — maybe even share a run with them! : )

Have an awesome run today!


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