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Sock it to Ya!


It’s kind of funny, but for my entire running career I’ve always been about wearing wicking clothing and making sure of the right fit and the right feel when it comes to my running gear – from hat to shoes . . . or so I thought. 


BUT when it came to running socks, my “go to” was anything that was considered wicking or was called a “performance” sock. I figured that as long the sock helped keep my feet dry and eased the potential of blisters, that was all I needed. I mean, what difference could a sock possibly make?


Long story short, I was given a $15 gift certificate to spend at a running shoe store. Yeah, there’s precious little you can buy at a specialized shop for $15 . . . EXCEPT they had some “designed-for-runners” running socks on sale for . . .  $15.  So, I used the gift certificate to buy some legitimate running socks a month or so ago. 


First off, if you know me, you know paying $15 for a single pair of socks is something I would never do. However, these were “free,” so I decided to take a chance . . . and I will say I did notice a real difference in the fit, the feel, and the support the socks gave me. They felt . . . good and helped my feet feel good.


Do I recommend investing in some good running socks? Well, if you have the extra cash, go for it!! BUT, maybe instead of YOU buying them, find some socks you like and put them on your birthday gift list, Mother’s Day gift list, Father’s Day gift list, Christmas, Valentine’s, even Arbor Day gift list (if you like to celebrate it, that is). ☺  Hey, it may sound kind of silly, but think about it -- flowers die, ties are hardly worn anymore, and you’re hard to buy for . . .  so put those socks on your list and make it easy on your friends/family to get you something you REALLY want, will really appreciate, and will use . . . and don’t want to buy for yourself! : )


Well, stop by your local running store and get some recommendations for great running socks . . . and update your gift lists!


Have an awesome run today!


Dan Van Veen

MM Trainer and Friend




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