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Get Ready to Run

By Dan Van Veen

Oh man! I’m seeing more and more promotions for “non-virtual” road races being advertised and that is pretty stinkin’ exciting. I mean, virtual racing was an ok substitution in light of the pandemic, but let’s face it, virtual racing leaves a LOT to be desired. ☺

I recently read something online that has stuck with me: The joy is not in the destination; it’s in the journey. Think about that for a moment as it applies to running . . . you spend weeks and/or months training for a race. And you BELIEVE the goal is to accomplish that race in perhaps some type of predetermined time. But think about that . . . the race represents maybe 1/20th (or FAR less) of your total training miles and when it’s done? The question many have is, “Well, now what?”

HOWEVER, if you take the time to enjoy the journey – make those many training miles a celebration in themselves, it can give a whole new life to your running. And why not? What’s wrong with seeing your 5-mile training run as a celebration -- 5 miles to really just enjoy rather than a box to check off your training program or write in your running journal? Yes, some run are harder and require some “digging deep,” but even mentally, if you approach the run like something to appreciate/be thankful for/enjoy rather than a “task to do on your way to some pinnacle,” what will the result be? Well, how many times have you heard the adage that running is 90% mental, 10% physical (or something similar)?

We all do things and make time for things that we truly enjoy. In fact, things that we really enjoy don’t seem NEAR as difficult as doing something you don’t enjoy. And that percentage about mental vs. physical – there’s some truth to that!

So, as we’re hopefully approaching a time when REAL races start taking place, run NOT to just get ready for a race, but run for the joy of simply running that day, whether it’s a tempo run, an easy run, a long run – even speed work, if you’re adding that in. Enjoy the journey – every step of it – and when you do cross that finish line, instead of being “done” you’ll be ready to simply continue a journey you’re looking forward to, not three months from now, but how about Monday?

Have an awesome run today!

Dan Van Veen

Marathon Mission Trainer

Dan Van Veen has been a long time trainer and friend of the Marathon Mission Team. Got a question for Dan? Email and get the helpful boost you are looking for.


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