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Happy New Thanksmas Year’s!

Well, here we go again, Marathon Mission friends and family! Some states are increasing restrictions due to the virus and there have been rumors that when the new administration is in place, that restrictions could become tighter than ever. Will it? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this Christmas season, which I see as from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, will likely be the most unusual in recent memory.

So, I know this may sound a bit radical, but I want to encourage each of you to virtually or verbally connect with family and/or friends more than ever over the next several weeks. The chances are great the in-person gatherings — including gathering as families — are going to be greatly limited/reduced. Understand that some of your relatives “live for” these family get togethers, whether it be for the fun/love of them, to reunite, or out of pure loneliness. Work to fill that emptiness with time spent on the phone, zoom contacts, and even “drive-by” conversations (if you live nearby).

There is also a good chance that each of us already know (or will know) someone hospitalized due to COVID. So, here’s a thought for you. Designate certain runs this Christmas season as “prayer runs.” Perhaps use your Monday runs to focus on praying for people you know in the hospital or who are at home and struggling through some of the symptoms.

The winter season is also a time for seasonal depression . . . add that into people being told to not spend time together and there will be far too many people taking their own lives because of the combination of isolation and depression. So, praying for others is really important for their wellbeing — and it is also is great personal therapy. You see, praying for others takes your mind off of your own problems and focuses it on others’ needs, which has a way of providing perspective. However, I imagine perhaps even some of you could be dealing with depression . . . so, if you need prayer, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or even us here at Marathon Mission. : )

AND FINALLY, keep in mind that just because COVID is the “name of the game” right now, it doesn’t mean that the flu has magically disappeared from the planet. So, be aware of the flu bug!

Well, my prayers are with you and please . . .

Have an awesome run today!



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