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Something a little silly…

Even though spring is pretty much here on the calendar, there are few sure bets when it comes to when winter is actually REALLY over.

Recently I got to thinking about my cold-weather running gear. I don’t know about you, but I have a few different pairs of tights – and one pair that is my absolute favorite pair (that I’ve been unable to find online to replace). Well, as my words may have foretold, this pair of tights are years and years old and “wearing thin” in spots would really be an insult to the holes in them.

Perhaps your tights wear differently than mine, but my tights tend to wear out first near the upper inner thighs, while the rest of the tight pretty much doesn’t wear out much at all. And really, you don’t want to run in tights that have holes on the inner thighs as few people are solid muscle there and let’s just say one word: “Friction.” Oh yeah…. : )

Well, I was more than reluctant to throw out my favorite tights (I mean, we had shared so many bitterly cold runs together! : ), so I just stuck them in one of my running clothes drawers and allowed newer tights to replace them.

Flashforward to a trip to department store this winter. There was a rack of these nylon-type wicking black compression shorts. Suddenly a light bulb moment! If I wore these compression shorts UNDER my favorite (and holey) tights, not only would they not cause friction (as they were more like spandex), they would seal up the holes AND it wouldn’t be noticeable (as let’s say white shorts would be). I picked up a pair, checking out the leg width and (not wanting to be THAT constricted) I chose the XL size. They’ve worked GREAT!

So, now, me and my favorite pair of tights are out running again, with the help of a $10 pair of black compression shorts.

Anyway, I know this might be a kind of a silly post, but if it’s YOUR favorite pair of tights that are beginning to run see-through-thin (or worse), this could not only give you some additional years, but save you some cash too (can’t buy too many nice tights for $10 : ) Have an awesome run today!

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