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Foot Pain?

Foot Pain? It COULD be a Simple Cure

Okay, do you get up in the mornings and you’re walking like you’re walking on eggs because your feet hurt?

Well, that was the way it was for me. I’d go to bed at night and my feet would feel okay (maybe a bit sore, but nothing horrible), but getting up in the morning – ooo-weee; it hurt to walk for the first several minutes.

What was the problem? I didn’t know, but then one day I sat down and started to explore the bottom of my feet. When I was walking around, it almost felt like something in my foot was in the wrong place. Well, as a runner, you know how you build those callouses on the bottom of your feet? I mean, to me, they always represented protection from blisters and a sign of mileage . . . maybe even kind of a pride thing.

Well, then I saw something on TV about a product removing callouses and I began to wonder . . . could it be that those thick callouses were actually the problem? Well, my wife has this little pedi-egg thing that’s kind of like a diamond-cut hand planer . . . you rub it across the callouses and it “grates” tiny/fine pieces of the callous off.

I worked on my foot for about 10 minutes with it and I was shocked by how much callous came off into the pedi-egg container (it was like a fine powder, not chunks). I had a huge callous under my right metatarsal that I brought down quite a bit. Well, I got up and decided to test it out. The pain was gone! I realized that the callous had gotten so thick it was basically like walking with a small marble under my foot.

Now, every month or so, I sand down any large callouses on my feet (strangely, my right foot is more calloused than my left foot) and it really helps reduce my foot pain and it sure makes it easier to get up in the morning! : )

Well, hope you have an awesome and pain-free run today!


Need Help with Foot Pain?

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