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Hats Off to Fellowship of Christian Athletes!

Are any of you running in the Ludington Lakestride (Ludington, MI) on Saturday, June 8? It’s a beautiful course along the Lake Michigan shore. My hat is off to the leadership team and particularly Fellowship of Christian Athletes of Northern Michigan.

Do you know why? They are giving away a free copy of my book, Living and Loving – The Marathon of Life ( to EVERY walker and runner who registers. That’s over 1000 copies! Why? Because FCA wants to be a light and a blessing to all those involved in the race.

I think that’s AMAZING! Not only because of FCA’s generosity (most race organizers NEVER give a way a free book), but because they have the vision to help others connect their fitness and their faith in a personal way.

“The great in this world are those who simply loved God more than others did.” – A. W. Tozer

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