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Over the River

Wow. Winter is upon us and as of the writing of this blog, it’s technically still fall. What do you do when the weather gets colder and you are still trying to get “over the river and through the woods?” In terms of training, be wise and do what you can.

If the roads and temperatures are such that with a few extra layers you can venture outside safely, by all means DO IT! Even a few minutes of fresh air and body movement will make a world of difference in your outlook for the day.

If the conditions are blizzard-like and too nippy for your toes, then do some type of aerobic and stretching activities inside. Treadmills are great but not everyone has access to those.

When I first started running at the age of 19 and the winter roads were just too treacherous, I actually ran almost stationery inside my small bedroom for 45 minutes to an hour. WOW! I was so hooked on running and so committed to my passion that I decided to do what I could indoors. Was I foolish or was I wise?

Then there’s always the option of jump roping in your garage. Yep. I’ve done that one too. You might not jump as long as you would run or walk, but it’s a great way to get your heart rate up.

Whatever the weather, ask God to help you think of creative ways to be vibrant, healthy and strong for HIS GLORY this winter.

“Faced with deep winter, the unfortunate question becomes, how bad do the jim-jams have to get to drive us out there where we can do the actual running? All you want is a nice relaxing run, and the atmospherics insist on turning it into the next thing to a polar expedition. Deep winter may not always present the most salutary conditions for runners, but think of it this way: change is what keeps us fresh too. Go for a run, change your life. Sometimes it can work better in February than it does in June.”

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