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One Step – A Thought-provoking Blog by MM Trainer Dan Van Veen

One Step…

For so many of us, a lot of things in life simply begin with one step — or the failure to take that one step.

As runners, we know that whether or not we run on a certain day typically begins or ends when we take that one step to simply putting on our running gear (or getting out of bed : ). But that one step pays off so much. Yes, it’s likely the hardest step, but each step after that gets progressively easier as we ultimately make our way out the door and down the driveway or sidewalk… and when we return, despite the difficulty of that first step, we rarely even remember it because we did something that was worth every step.

That’s the way it is with running…, that’s the way it is with life.

Our lives are made up of so many decisions based on whether or not to take that first step, from a baby on up. So today, I not only want to encourage you to take that one step for yourself and get that run in, but to take a step for someone else. Kind of the theme of Marathon Mission…, isn’t it?

One of the things that keeps coming to my mind is that many times people don’t do good things for themselves (such as exercise), because they don’t feel good about themselves. But the Bible gives us a pretty easy answer to feeling good — instead of our focus being on ourselves, what if we took one step and focused on doing something good (on a regular basis) for someone else?

Few things are more rewarding than giving of yourself. I would dare say although a run makes us feel “accomplished” and “positive,” it doesn’t necessarily make us feel loved or vital or of significance. As a Christian, I do find those things in my relationship with God, but as a Christian I understand that Christ’s words in the Bible aren’t to put me in a corner, but to release me from my tendency toward self-centeredness… instead of focusing on myself to find fulfillment, God’s Word shows us that relationship with Him and “loving your neighbor” is where you find true fulfillment.

So, I encourage you to today to consider ways you can take a step, volunteer part of your life to making someone else’s life better, and discover for yourself the kind of fulfillment that I believe will make all parts of your life — including your running — MUCH more… fulfilling. : ) It’s what Marathon Mission is all about. : )

Have an awesome run today!

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