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Minimalist Maximus Diametrics Marketing — A Blog by MM Trainer Dan Van Veen

Minimalist Maximus Diametrics Marketing

Hmmm. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? But what in the world does it mean?

Although some may disagree, my interpretation is “Gotta sell me some more running gear!”

I had to laugh, seriously. I just saw an ad for maximum cushioning shoes and I read another article talking about the running show world swinging to maximum cushioning.

You have GOT to be kidding me!! I mean, it was just a years ago when it was ALL THE RAGE to wear Vibrams and everyone was touting how minimalist shoes were the way to go because they basically allow “man” to run like he/she was originally intended.

Of course, the “man” they are referring to didn’t run on concrete or black top, sit on his butt all day in front of a computer, drive/take mass transportation, or even suffer from the lack of sleep (as night time meant sleep time — healing of the body time — not “stay up and watch TV time”).

Nope, not knocking the minimalist gear — it works for some people. And you know, this new swing towards light, but really cushioned running, it’s a fad too…, BUT it WILL work for some people.

What’s my point? Find what works for you and stick with it! Just BECAUSE a Nike ad (you know, something designed to MAKE you WANT to spend money) tells you that THIS is the next AWESOME running tool, take a breath! So much that comes out is really little more than HUGE money makers — that’s why the fashion industry changes EVERY year. If fashion never changed, you would “need” to buy far fewer new clothes. Clothing industries can’t have that — they want your money! Same with the running industry. It’s swinging the other way so hoards of people will jump on board and spend billions of dollars to have the latest new idea about shoes, watches, gear, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that you should run in cut-off jeans and a cotton tank top (and if you do, let me know how the rub burns feel in the shower : ), but whether it’s a new type of shoe or a “revolutionary” new running program, first examine what you are doing. Are your shoes working for you — have they been proven “winners” for you (no foot problems)? Is your running program working for you — helping you achieve your goals? If you answered yes, then why take the chance of hurting your feet in a strange new shoe or doing some kind of ridiculous additional exercise that MIGHT make you a faster runner but in reality has a better chance of leaving you injured and watching from the sidelines for the next 6 weeks?

So, as the latest and greatest “whatevers” hit the market, let them. Don’t get sucked in. And if you just can’t help yourself, at least wait 6 or so months. Why? First, if it IS really great, then the price will start coming down as more and more of the stuff will be produced/hit the market; and if it ISN’T so great…well, how you will know that? Well, check Ebay and Craigslist — they’ll be flooded with the junk (and you won’t be able to find it very easily in stores any more . . . Not to mention, just ask your friends who spent THEIR money on the stuff…was it worth it? : )

Finally, yes, change can and does keep things interesting and fun…, but SOME things, things that work for you, you probably shouldn’t change just for the fun of changing. Instead consider changing what you’re doing if you’re not seeing results or what you’re wearing if injuries occur (from rubs to foot fractures).

And if you just HAVE to have the LATEST and GREATEST in running gear JUST BECAUSE, have I got a deal for YOU to invest in!!

I’m thinking about developing the Sasquatch All-Weather Trail Running Shoe — fur-lined and fur-covered running shoes that leave a Sasquatch imprint, sheds hair, and fit sizes 5 to 13, but look like they’re for sizes 18 to 30. Why buy them for the mere pittance of $250 (more or less : ) a pair? Because besides running as nature intended “Sasquatches” to run, after running your favorite trail a few times in those, you won’t have to worry about other people hogging your trail . . . though, you might have to worry about some TV reality show featuring a bunch of overweight backwoods guys dropping a 300-pound net on top of you . . . but hey, being a running fashionista has its price you know! : ) : )

Have an awesome — and Sasquatch-free — run today! : )

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