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Top 3 Things When Setting Goals

Top Three Things I Think About When Setting Goals

1. Really Focus on the Why Behind the Goal

When you know why a goal is important, you are so much more likely to reach the goal you have set. Think more about the purpose of the goal than the actual result of the goal you choose to set.

2. Set the Goal for the Season of Life You Are in at the Time.

Our goals and objectives change because of the friends you have, the age of your children, the age of your parents, and the things that are most important for where you are in life. Currently in my life, my parents have come to live with me since they have both passed the 79th birthday mark. For this life season, my personal goals are modified to spend time and resources creating events and memories for them. Travel and time at home is focused on what is fun and meaningful in their lives, due to the fact their physical capabilities and their current objectives change year to year.

3. Allow Your Goals to be Focused on Others and with Others.

Oftentimes we set goals that are just about us. Recently, one of my favorite basketball coaches said, "It's not about winning but about who you are winning with that matters." Create goals and areas of purpose that allow you to reach goals at the same time others are achieving meaningful objectives in their lives.

Maryanna Young is the CEO of Aloha Publishing, based in Idaho. Her goals for 2018 involve creating innovative tools and resources that allow those who have certain resources to connect with the people, products, and processes for the people that need them. Connect with her at

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