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Large Gators Spotted Near Pond in Michigan!

Large Gators Spotted Near Pond in Michigan!

Over the last several weeks, amazingly, I’ve been reading reports of several large gators spotted by a pond not far from Clare, Michigan, when temperatures were dipping into the teens and colder! According to authorities, they CLAIM that the gators pose no threat to the community and, in fact, they hope to see them draw more people outdoors! Unreal!

Okay, so maybe I’m being a LITTLE deceptive. But let me explain. : ) Today I ran with some friends at 5 a.m. The temp wasn’t bad – 20 degrees. BUT the wind was sustained 18 to 20 mph, so it felt like about 6 degrees. I HATE wind in the winter, which brings up my focus for this month’s blog — there are few things relatively smaller, but more effective when running in windy, cold weather than . . . yes, a neck gator! : )

I’ve run with heavyweight turtlenecks and vests with zip up necks separately and together, but when it comes to keeping warm, especially in cold and windy weather, one of the key pieces of equipment for staying warm is a neck gator (wicking). I have used thick headbands in a pinch, but a real neck gator can also pull up over your chin or even your mouth (some extend up to the cheek bones) while extending to the base of your neck (or even beyond if it’s a v-shape).

Another great thing about a neck gator is that it can be a dual purpose piece of running gear. I’ve worn mine as a hat at times, when the weather isn’t super cold, but I still need some protection for my head and ears. It may seem like an “of course” piece of running gear, but I have friends who have run for years that simply haven’t tried it because they’re afraid it might rub weird or bother their neck. Now, I can’t promise that it won’t feel a little odd at first, but having that layer keeping wind from enter going down your back and neck as well as warming blood as it enters and leaves your head, is a great way to help keep your body warmer.

So, the next time you hear reports of gators or even think about a gator (which would be now : ), maybe go out and buy a gator or two for yourself and see if your next run isn’t a whole lot warmer!

Have an awesome run today!


Look closely and you'll see that alligator near the snowman.

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