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You're Right Even When You're Wrong

You’re Right Even When You’re Wrong

When I was in my early 30s, a podiatrist told me that if I kept running, I wouldn’t be walking by the time I was 40. I was stunned and understandably really upset. I had some decisions to make. After considering his advice, my first decision was to get a second opinion – this time making sure to go to a doctor who dealt with athletes and sports injuries. He had much better news for me and set me on the road to recovery. I’ve since run thousands of more miles and hundreds of more races, including multiple half-marathons and marathons. However, if I had chosen to BELIEVE the first doctor, I would never have run another race or done another training run . . . what a different life I would have led!

The key word in all of this is BELIEVE. When it comes to any kind of accomplishment or failure in life, whether that’s graduating from high school or college, losing weight, recovering from an injury, or setting a personal speed or distance PR, believing is 90 percent of the struggle. If you believe you can never run a 6-minute, you’re right. However, if you believe (with work) you could run a 6-minute mile, it’s likely you’ll reach that goal. It goes for jobs, it goes for relationships. If you BELIEVE you’re going to fail, you’re right. IF you believe you’re going to succeed, you’re likely right as well — no matter what the challenge.

I remember when I started changing my thinking pattern from seeing things and thinking, “I could never do that,” to “Hmmm. If I work hard, I could do that!” Seriously, I didn’t believe I could ever literally RUN a 10K . . . 6 miles, are you crazy? That’s twice as far as a 5K and I feel like I’m going to die when I do one of those . . . 10K? NO WAY! But then someone encouraged me to just try and I started to believe I could do it, if I worked at it. So, what happens? I start to believe, I accept the challenge/the goal, and then I find myself doing the things to accomplish that goal. Belief is hope and where there is hope, there is life — there IS a way!

Funny story . . . just to PROVE to myself I could run 6.2 miles before I actually ran my first 10K race (which I did finish), two days before the race I ran my farthest-ever run of 6 miles on a hilly training route . . . probably not the best choice, but talk about exhilaration once I completed it!! : )

So, what is a race or time that has been a “I can never do that!” dream for you? My recommendation? Just believe . . . and then go out and do what it takes to get there. Yes, it’ll take some work, but you CANdo it.

Have an awesome run today — and dream big while you’re at it! : )

Believe it. Achieve it.

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